Syncronice® AX Nano

99,00  incl. VAT

One tiny powerful receiver.

Syncronice AX Nano is an ultra-compact wireless audio receiver. Any active speaker, stereo system or headphone can be connected to it’s analog output (3.5 mm stereojack). He is very energy-efficient and works with 5 V USB power. Even small power banks can power up this highly mobile wireless audio receiver.

Combined with any Syncronice transmitter this tiny receiver receives any audio signal in sync and without quality loss. The volume buttons and the Bond button on the receiver make it very easy to control your setup.

For any setup.
Syncronice AX Nano perfectly complements the wireless audio system. By using this tiny receiver you can setup a wireless audio system with any speaker or headphone in no time. A free USB power source is always nearby.

A kind of its own.
Syncronice AX Nano is so small and flexible, you can take it anywhere with you. Like to listen to wireless tv sound in sync? Combine Syncronice Hub and Syncronice AX, done. Listen to wireless sound on your stereo system via plug and play? No problem. Listen to crystal clear wireless sound in the studio? AX Nano is at your service.


Syncronice AX Nano

Tech Specs

Size and weight
Height: 1,0 cm (10 mm)
Width: 4,5 cm (45 mm)
Length with USB cable: 34,5 cm (345 mm)
Weight: 80 g

Audio output: ​3.5 mm analog stereo output (headphone jack)
Power: ​5 V USB

Wireless Connection
Audio: ​SKAA®

Compatible with these transmitters

Syncronice Hub
Syncronice USB
Syncronice microUSB
Syncronice Lightning