Hub Remote

Syncronice Hub Remote
Syncronice Hub Remote
Syncronice Hub Remote

25,00  incl. VAT

Built specifically for the Syncronice Hub, the Hub Remote gives you control over volume and the input connectors. With Syncronice Hub Remote you can increase or decrease the volume right at the source and select between the analog and digital inputs of the transmitter. Its round shape fits perfectly with the human hand.


Syncronice Hub Remote
AAA batteries

Tech Specs

Size and Weight
Height: 17,4 cm (174 mm)
Width: 2,8 cm (28 mm)
Depth: 1,9 cm (19 mm)
Weight: 39 g

Communication and Connections
IR transmitter

AAA battery (2 pcs)

Environmental Requirements
Long lasting plastic casing
International IR standard
Replaceable batteries
CE certificate

Compatible with these devices

Syncronice Hub