Concrete Audio® F1

A concrete statement

The F1 is an innovative multipurpose wall mounted loudspeaker designed for use in different spaces and to compliment interior design – ultra flat, active and wireless.

Patented array-technique

41 electrodynamic mini-speakers act like one large membrane, allowing for a total depth of only 32 millimetres and giving a convincing performance.

Syncronice wireless

HighEnd Wireless Audio via Syncronice – listen to music in crystal clear quality with a smartphone, tablet or streamer. Enjoy synchronised sound from a TV or games console without delays.

Individual cover

The F1 is simple to install and operate. Decorative – stand out with a pure concrete design or choose from a wide range of colours and surface finishes. Discreet – combine the F1 with aluminum or real wooden frames or add a reversible cover with individual motif.


Concrete Audio F1 (pair)
2 x Syncronice DX (integrated)

Tech Specs

Housing: Concrete, monolithically poured
System: 2-way-array, closed-box, active, DSP, Class-D
Frequency range: 100 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Max. SPL/1 m: 98 dB (10 % THD at f = 100 Hz; < 3 % THD at f > 200 Hz)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 57,5 cm (22,6 in) x 39 cm (15,4 in) x 3,2 cm (1,3 in)
Net weight: 12 kg (26,4 lbs)
Ports: Syncronice DX inside (with SKAA technology)

The technical data of the CONCRETE AUDIO F1 is the result of an extensive acoustic survey by the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT, Ilmenau. The data was charted using a low reflection chamber of the Class 1 (according to ISO 3745) to Requirements of DIN 60268-5.

Compatible with these transmitters

Syncronice Hub
Syncronice USB
Syncronice microUSB
Syncronice Lightning
Syncronice Fusion