Syncronice® Hub
Universal wireless audio transmitter providing crystal clear transmission in sync





Black aluminium. Timeless design. Plug and play installation. Syncronice any audio source wirelessly with unique speakers and receivers.

Syncronice Hub is the highly flexible wireless audio transmitter for any source – made in Germany. The transmitter can be connected via its digital and analog inputs. Every flatscreen TV, CD-, DVD- and Blu-ray-Player, digital receiver, console or mixer can be connected.

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Syncronice passive speakers by transforming them into an active, wireless hi-fi system.

Syncronice Amp Mini is the world’s smallest wireless amplifier, designed and manufactured to make passive speaker wireless with ease. Two passive speakers can be connected to the tiny unit that amplifies your passive speakers with 2 x 50 W. Syncronice Amp Mini can be mounted on top, the side or on the back of your loudspeaker.

Syncronice® Amp Mini
World’s smallest wireless digital amplifier

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Reduce to the max

The small size of our products is more than a practical benefit. Every unit needs to be produced, to be shipped and to be recycled. The larger the product, the more energy it consumes over its lifecycle. We simply asked: why should products that are meant to reduce, be larger than necessary?

This is why Syncronice products are highly compact and ultralight while delivering the best experience. Our products are elegant and timeless. We’ve developed a system that is highly efficient, compact and ultralight. The solid aluminium casings are build to resist and persist.

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