Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a router to setup Syncronice?

Syncronice works autarkic. You do not need a router or any other network equipment.

What happens to my data?

Syncronice and SKAA based systems are local, self-sufficient systems and work without a router or Internet connection. Therefore no data is being collected by us or any other producer.

Can I use different receivers with one transmitter?

You can mix different receivers. For example two Syncronice DX and two Syncronice Amps.

How many receivers can be connected?

One Syncronice transmitter can be connected to four receivers at the same time. All receivers are perfectly in sync, you won’t hear any echo.

How do I set up Syncronice?

It takes two to get started. One Syncronice transmitter and at least one Syncronice receiver are needed. Connect the transmitter to the audio source and the receiver to your hi-fi system or speaker. Connection establishs automatically.

How do I upgrade my Syncronice system?

Adding more transmitters or receivers is simple. Just connect them in range of your existing system and they connect automatically.

How can I get the best experience?

High quality music or sound material is the basis. Syncronice transmits your sound in crystal clear quality, totally in sync. Place your transmitters and receivers with a minimum distance of 30cm to each other. Same applies to the WiFi router.

How do I find the best solution?

Today you might just want to listen to music wirelessly. Tomorrow you might need wireless audio from your TV in sync. You can choose between a variety of transmitters and receivers or products that are Syncronice ready. If you don’t like to think about all the possibilites Syncronice offers you can always contact us directly on Twitter or Facebook.

Where do I find inspiration for the best solution?

Our selected specialist retailers and premium partners will give you ideas you’ve never thought of before. On you will always find new ideas how to create advanced wireless audio systems.

How do I connect Apple devices?

The Syncronice Lightning works with all newer iPhone, iPod or iPad generations.

How can I connect my Mac, PC and NAS?

Syncronice USB works smooth with any Mac, PC or Raspberry Pi. Luckily the NAS devices from our premium partner Synology connect to Syncronice USB via plug and play. That means a great wireless NAS experience with your whole music library at a fingertip.

How do I transmit the sound from my TV?

Syncronice Hub is the perfect wireless audio transmitter for your TV. Connect it to the digital outputs of your flatscreen. It runs on USB power so you can get the power from your TV directly without additional power sockets.

Can I connect Syncronice to other Systems?

Syncronice Hub works perfectly with wireless audio streaming devices like WiFi Streamers. It’s also the perfect hub for CD- and Blu-ray players, consoles, mixing desks and digital receivers.

Where can I buy Syncronice products?

If you don’t want to buy online in our webshop please contact one of our selected retailers. Check out the retailer section to find great consultancy nearby.

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