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The app SKAA command (SKAA cmd) for Syncronice is designed to make the most out of your Syncronice system by allowing you to customize your settings through an application. It is designed to run on your mobile devices and computers; therefore it supports the transmitters that plug into mobile devices and computers: Syncronice Lightning™, Syncronice microUSB and Syncronice USB.

SKAA cmd grants you the ability to adjust which audio channels you’d like to activate on your Syncronice receivers (left, right, stereo or mono). This can be really helpful for setting up stereo pairs of speakers. SKAA cmd also provides you the option to name each Syncronice receiver (for example: “Syncronice DX living room” or “Syncronice Amp Mini office”) and gives you individual volume and mute controls for each receiver.

The SKAA cmd is easy to use and best of all: it’s for free! You can download the app for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.



Flexible Volume Control

To control volume on each individual receiver, simply slide the appropriate slider to the desired position. The triangle near the bottom left side of the app is a “mute all” button. Press it to instantly mute all receivers bonded to the transmitter. To un-mute a receiver, tap the desired receiver symbol in the respective row.

Easy Audio Routing

To assign a specific channel (left or right) to a specific receiver, tap the Green Block containing the triangle(s), located in the left-side of the row. The pop-up window offers four options: left channel only, right channel only, mono and stereo.

Individual Syncronice Names

To rename your receivers, simply tap the (…) located above the green box in the respective bay of the desired receiver. If the receiver is already named, simply rename it by tapping its name.


Windows Download Link

Mac OS Download Link

Android Download Link

iOS Download Link (release 09/2016)

Version 2.2-615, 23.2 mb (zip)

Version 2.2-615, 14,3 mb (tar.gz)

Version 2.2-555, 12,7 mb (apk)




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